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Transform customer's "God d * #! It" into "yes, we've made it !!!" - That's what moves us.

During the entire journey between these both ends, we will not give up on having fun, working with smart folks, and taking part of challenging projects.

We understand that building an employee-centered company grounded in trust, teamwork, and freedom with accountability, customers will organically have the best of us always!

Based on this, flexibility, comfortable facilities, work from anywhere, knowledge growth, recognition, and meritocracy become significant elements of our culture.

Business is a game - turn your score with A-players!


About us

The A-Players brand

¬ Magic Cube

The graphic expression of our brand translates our concept. We use colors and reference to the well-known MAGIC CUBE to form A-PLAYERS "A". This logo expresses our almost childlike desire to treat everything with the delightfulness of someone who is discovering something new every time.
It takes us back to a period of life when we were not committed to linear thinking; rules did not block our creativity. The idea of the magic cube is to provoke and challenge reasoning in the search for a solution, using all the logical and creative potential of each one of us. in the meantime, we can have fun and improve our solving problems skills with each new round.

About us


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Work and fun have always been together since very early in my life. It was still in my childhood, along with my father in his typography company among machines, reams of paper and linotypes, that I had my first contact with the professional world.

We grew up, and so did our responsibilities. Between taking the decision to attend the College of Computer Science until starting up  A-Players, the path was intense, with many achievements, some failures, and many learned lessons.


I started as a trainee and gradually found my vocation within the IT career. I chose to work in the service area by leading people, building high-performance teams, witnessing the birth of operations, acting on global projects, and interacting with other cultures.

I have experienced companies of all kinds as an employee: small, medium, large; local, national, global; very good, good and not so good too ... In all of them, I always had the opportunity to learn something that could enrich my corporate education.

I consider myself privileged to have had the chance to live together with brilliant people, that have inspired me to be a better leader every day. Today, I try to apply and use all this experience in a new dream, in a company that is already conceived with enough maturity to strive incredible and unprecedented things.


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